Syria without USA: Kurds, Army of Russia and Damascus create an alliance (PHOTO)

Syria without USA: Kurds, Army of Russia and Damascus create an alliance (PHOTO)

Kurds, Army of Russia and Damascus create an alliance intended to fight terrorism, lending aid and peaceful life restoring.

«Russian Spring» reports from Deir az-Zor province.

West Euphrates territories administration committee together with official Damascus represenatives led by Joint operation headquarters rendered humaniarian aid to Al-Khusseynia settlement in Deir az-Zor province.

Earlier «Russian Spring» reported that Russian servicemen and Kurdish units had made certain agreements. Experts believe that the meeting in Salkhiyah settlement opens close cooperation between offcial Damascus and ethnical groups on Euphrates West bank.

Spectacuar example of such cooperation is the iad which is already being rendered by governmental forces and local tribes living on Euphrates West bank.

December 3 was the day of the first time when delegates of West Euphrates territories administration committee met in in Salkhiyah, Deir az-Zor province .

Russian general Yevgeniy Poplavskiy was also present at the meeting, he noted that the reached agreement is not only about fighting terrorism.

Regarding that operation against ISIS* in the East of Deir az-Zor province is about to end humanitarian missions come to the forefront. Peacefu life has to be returned to Syrian villages and towns.

That is the main task which is alloted mostly on local authorities, Syrian military and Kurdish units’ servicemen operating as a part of JOH.

Corresponding department of the Committee already function in several settlements: Salkhiyah , As-Sijr, Hajeen, Diban. That means that residents of those villages are to be provided with foodstuff, drugs soon. They wil also get required medical assistance.

Committee representatives and Syrian government members have visited Al-Housseynia setllement in Deir az-Zor province today. About 450 residents have returned here recently. Tha’s why humanitarian mission’s trucks have gathered long queue at once.

Not only people willing to receive relief aid pack came here. Russian military arrival is a big thing, especially for the youngest ones. Now Russian Reconciliation Center officers were joined by their Syrian colleagues, local militia members and local tribes — bedouins and kurds.

One tonn of humanitarian cargo was distributed among the local people which seems like not very much for one thousand of residents. But that was ony the beginning. As said by Joint Operation Headquarters (JOH), recent events were «path to stabilization».

New convoys of trucks loaded with humanitarian aid are soon to arrive to Euphrates Westbank residents. They will be also accompanied by the Russian doctors.

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* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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