BREAKING: Last ISIS stronghold in Syria mopped up from suicide bombers — first PHOTOS

BREAKING: Last ISIS stronghold in Syria mopped up from suicide bombers — first PHOTOS

Armed forces of Syrian Arab republic supported by allies have mopped up the last big stronghold of ISIS* — Abu-Kemal in Deir az-Zor province. Suicide bombers who were still hiding in the debris of the demolished houses and catacombs uner the city, more than 50 terrorists were liquidated.

«Russian Spring» reports from the scene.

The day before Syrian military liberated as-Sukkariya village and Hamdan district (3 kilometers to the North of Abu-Kemal), they have also regained control over road interval between Abu-Kemal and Meyadeen.

Developing the success governmental forces of the 5th volunteer assault corpus, assualt groups of Gen. Sukheil and people’s militia have finished all the cleaing operations in Abu-Kemal. Center of the city remained the most dificult area because of the landmines and improvised explosive devices left by the islamists.

ISIS* gangs have suffered significant losses in manpower and military equipment. According to reports there are 50 killed, more than 20 captured. Governmental forces have also liquidated several militants’ groups trying to get across Euphrates. Syrian army command say that adjusted artillery fire is being delivered at militants’ positions on the Eastern bank of Euphrates, near Al-Bagus-Fokani village.

Governmental forcs required 10 days to mop up the city. On the 9th of November SAR military command announced Abu-Kemal capture.

One day later Russian forces commanding officer Sergey Surovikin confirmed that information.

New phots are to be added some time later, they are being processed ta the moment.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

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