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IMPORTANT: Pro-American forces blocked Syrian convoy at Euphrates (PHOTOS)

IMPORTANT: Pro-American forces blocked Syrian convoy at Euphrates (PHOTOS)

The US-controlled groups have blocked the Syrian convoy by Euphrates river in Deir ez-Zor province.

Details were imprated to «Russian Spring» by a military source, who also transferred pictures from the фотографии с места событий.

January 30th 2019 Syrian Arab Republic authorities along with «Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society» have organized humanitarian aid dispatch to Euphrates eastern bank to Hajin settlement which had been freed from ISIS* by «Syrian Democratic Forces» groups supported by US-led international coalition.

КThe humanitarian aid column consisted of 10 trucks transporting bottled water, foodstuff, medicine, hygiene products and other basic necessities for the impoverished population of Euphratus adjoining territories.

The vehicles proceeded through the “Salkhiyah” checkpoint along a single single-lane bridge connecting the right and left banks of the river.

However, near Al-Husaynia settlement the column with humanitarian aid was blocked by Kurdish forces from the so called "Syrian Democratic Forces". Citing flat ban by representatives of the US Armed Forces, Kurdish units refused to let the convoy into the Hadjin area.

Despite the fact that the United Nations Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross have given the mandate to «Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society» allowing to deliver humanitarian goods throughout Syria free, the aid to Hajin was disrupted by American parties.

Earlier, Syrian information sources reported that the Americans launched 20 trucks into the combat zone and back, banning “Syrian Democratic Forces” from inspecting them.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

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