Kurdish regional autonomy to be established in Syria

Kurdish regional autonomy to be established in Syria

Granting the Kurds autonomy will be a good lesson for neighbouring Turkey that inflicted so much pain on Syrian people over the past few years.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received in Damascus Russian Presidential Envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, yesterday.

Neither Western, nor Russian media paid much attention to this working meeting. Indeed, talks have been held behind closed doors and the statements that were made on the results of the meeting were quite formal, though atrocities of terrorists, stage-managed anti-Assad rallies and alleged evidence of chemical weapons use by the Syrian Arab Army catch most attention of the world media.

However, there is a nuance that should be mentioned.

At the conclusion of the meeting, President Assad emphasized:

‘The Syrian state is determined to continue the war on terror on the one hand and support the political track on the other hand through accelerating the pace of national reconciliations and dialogue among all via holding a national dialogue conference in Syria to reach to amending the constitution and holding new parliamentary elections’.

Let’s get to the bottom of what Assad said.

The root cause of the long-standing conflict in the Arab republic lies primarily in the Kurdish question. By the way, it was the northern part of the country that became a ground zero of the civil war in 2011 that is still under way.

It is reasonable to assume that national reconciliation and corresponding amendments to the constitution should apply to rights and powers of Kurds by restructuring of administrative division of the Arab republic up to establishing an enhanced autonomy.

Well, such a decision of the ruling Ba'ath Party that was most probably given voice only after consultations after Russian representative, deserves respect and may really lead not only to ultimate reconciliation on the banks of Euphrates river, but also to restoration of the territorial integrity of Syria.

Furthermore, granting the Kurds autonomy will be a good lesson for neighbouring Turkey that inflicted so much pain on Syrian people over the past few years.

It should be reminded that Turkey one of the first countries to openly support the ISIS*. With the personal involvement of Turkish President Erdogan Russian airliner was shot down in 2015, and a few days ago he ordered to occupy several tens of kilometers of the Arab republic

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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